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2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government 2014

October 2, 2014 | Category: Applications

2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government 2014
Washington D.C.
December 8th-10th 2014

More and more government agencies and contractors are adopting and utilizing additive manufacturing as a mainstream component of their manufacturing process. As a result there is a strong need for identification of improvement areas and opportunities for greater efficiency. This program brings together prime contractors, the DoD and major government agencies to work through the biggest challenges in the space including: in process monitoring, qualification and certification, counterfeit protection, and high performance modelling. Join us this year to harness the most cutting edge additive strategies as we head into 2015!

AMG ’14 is designed for manufacturing executives from both government and prime contractors that have prioritized advancing their additive manufacturing initiatives. Download our 2013 Attendee List to learn more about who attends.

Why is this a "must-attend" event?

The science is advancing rapidly, and this is the event that will uncover the latest developments and new directions that will take your manufacturing efforts to the next level, stretch your thinking, and leave you ready to take action.

Together We Will Address Your Main Challenges:

  • In process monitoring with high speed cameras for nanoscale control
  • High performance computing for complex process modelling
  • Creating efficient non-destructive means of certification and qualification
  • Detecting and preventing counterfit parts
  • Protecting your intellectual property and keeping your digital data safe
  • Reducing print environment stringency for increased fleibility
  • Creating products with embedded electronics and transformational properties
  • Printing with multiple materials in one process
  • Prototype visualization prior to production

Some of the Topics We Will Explore Include:

  • Additive Manufacturing Cyber Security
  • Process evaluation
  • High Speed Cameras for Troubleshooting
  • High Performance Computing for Process Modeling
  • 3D Printing in Austere Environments
  • The Introduction of Robotics into 3D printing
  • Rare Earth Materials Replacement
  • Virtual Reality Representation of Parts and Finished Products
  • Patents, copywriting, and intellectual property
  • Transformational Materials
  • Multimaterial Printing
  • 3D Printed Munitions
  • Technical Resource Longevity
  • Joint-less Part Creation
  • Recycling and Reusability in 3d Printing